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1835 - French Forces Defeated in the Rhine

The combined forces of Prussian and the 'Wild Men' of the Czech tribes have overrun the two largest French armies in the area of the Rhine Valley. This surprise offensive has completely dominated the French forces which are rapidly retreating in the face of such superior numbers. Within the last few days the French have been defeated in a number of battles loosing over 10,000 men. Reports of strange smoke and lights being seen within these battles have been dismissed by horse guards as 'Wild rumours being spread by cowards and liars. The Prussians have no new secret weapons and there is no risk to the British Nederland's'.

General Hayborn (Ret) was heard to comment 'This is one of the largest retreats in the history of warfare. This indicates significant political changes within the Prussian government for them to have allied with their ancient enemy, though how long they can keep these wild men reigned in remains to be seen. '

British forces in France have been pulled back to protect the Ports of Normandy from both the retreating French forces and advancing Prussians. Those more distant British held towns and villages are to be evacuated to these garrisoned positions.

As many of our readers will be aware with much of the British Army currently engaged with suppressing the Catholic uprising in the British Nederland's, those territories in Normandy and surrounding areas are not heavily defended.

In an exclusive to this paper we were able to interview Capt T L Warderman a "Johnson's Airship" Pilot who was returning from the Far East when he was able to observe the latest battle between French and Prussian Forces.

'We were caught in a storm and blown significantly off course. Being over enemy territory I decided it would be safer to drift than attempt to land. It was dawn when we first spotted the Fort. We set a course to avoid its cannon but soon on the horizon we observed a dust cloud. It seemed to reach from one side of the world to the other. Truly no greater host has the world seen. New, massive airships hung over the army and the columns of men must have stretched back all the way to Prague. We saw the cavalry like a plague of locusts riding from farm to field leaving nothing but smoke and scorched earth in their path. We were able to observe the leading Prussian forces engaging the fort. They didn't even wait to form up. Their march carried them around the fort to the north and south only those columns that were directly in the line of the fort attacked while the airships hung over head dropping what looked like giant mines. The fort, Forteresse Louis, once the pride of the French Empire managed to maintain their defence for less than 40 minuets I myself saw the French Eagle snatched from the battlements before we were forced to flee.

This paper appeals to the Government to send men now to secure the lives and lands that history will declare to be sacred to the Empire.

Excerpt taken from the Journal De Bonaparte dated the 19th March in the year of our lord 1812, translation by the Department of Naval Intelligence 'N' Section.

In the name of the most Glorious Emperor Bonaparte we can today can bring great news of French Scientific Triumph.

Our day of Glory has arrived !!

French Forces under the command of Admiral Louis Thomas Villaret de Joyeuse have just this month returned from action in the pacific where they lately have battled in the name of our beloved Emperor against the outrageous colonial expansion of the British with a find of the Greatest scientific significance.

After an extended Naval action against the so called might of the British Navy the Admiral ordered his ships to break contact with the Enemy and head for the tiny Island of La Digue in the République des Seychelles. It was here that a discovery of the Greatest Import to the Empire was made.

Serving amongst the Crew of the warship the L'Orient a man by the name of François Sulpice Beudant gradate of the Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole Normale, who setting aside his scholarly ways has taken up arms to serve his beloved country bravely, noted a strange and to his Knowledge previously undiscovered element. Recognizing the importance of his find Beudant brought it to the attention of the Admiral who at once secured the Island and rushed word of the find and Beudant himself back to France!

When asked to speak of his Discovery this humble French man would speak little other than to say that it was his honour to name the element for the Glory of his Emperor !

Retuning with samples of this amazingly potent new source of power Beudant has been assigned to the post of professor at the lycée of Avignon where even as we speak the greatest minds of French Science tirelessly strive to make the most Advantageous use of this astonishing finding.

What is this wondrous discovery I hear you ask ? Named to honour our Beloved Emperor Napoleon this element will no doubt be at the heart of French Military advancement for years to come this amazing discovery this Napeloium !

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