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27th October 2011

Photos from event 4 are now up on the site, and previous event photos updated.
Also a new version of the rules has been released for your perusal.

29th July 2011

Event details are now up.
14th to 16th of October at Caddihoe Camp Site, Exeter.
2nd to 4th December at Fort Widley, Portsmouth.

14th June 2011

Event details are now up. 15th to 17th of July at Candleston Camp Site, South Wales. A further event is planned for October. More news soon.

14th March 2011

We are currently working hard to secure dates for some events in 2011. Check back soon.

10th November 2009

Apoligies for the delays, but the date for the first event is now avaliable and the bookings are open. We are working hard to secure a second event date asap so you know what to expect, where and when.

15th September 2009

Thanks to all the players and the crew who helped make the playtest such fun. We hope to announce dates for our first full weekend event as soon as possible and are also working on rules revisions based on feedback from the playtest.

7th August 2009

With bookings coming in for our first event, the new rules revision is now up for your viewing. This version is the one we will be using for the September event so create your characters from this one. It contains additions more than corrections so existing character ideas should fit in fine.

22nd July 2009

The first event / playtest is in the planning stages. Event 0 - The Old World is scheduled to kick off at Caddihoe Campsite in Devon on Saturday 12th September visit the events page for more info

2nd June 2009

We have completed the first playtest and are currently revising the rules based on player feedback. Once the revision is complete we will be running a day linear event a sign up thread is available in the forum. We hope to be running a full weekend playtest before the end of the summer and following that the first full event taking place during the Autumn.






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