One of the benefits of Western LRP is the ease of costuming. You can often luck out and get reasonable costume from high street stores or charity shopping. (nb. Although strictly speaking the are period we don't allow jeans as they look out of place with most modern cuts.)

There are however very good western costumers who will provide you with a bespoke period outfit for a reasonable price.

FLB Western Wear
FLB offer a similar bespoke tailoring service but also stock a wide range of 'Frontier Classics' off the peg clothing.

Civil War Sutlers
As the name suggest Civil War Sutlers provide a good range of American Civil War uniforms and costume. They also stock a good range of both 'frontier clothing' and also accessories and period personal effects.

Hooked on Country


Concentrating mainly here on guns as most LRPers will have a good idea where to get other hand weapons. GBD does not allow any blank firers to be used in the system, irrespective of their caliber/loundness. This is simply a matter of safety and to satisfy our insurance. This leaves 2 options, cap guns or PFC guns.

There are a couple of makers of adult sized cap guns, Denix and Kolser. Denix make a much wider range of weapons and probably make a gun in the style you are looking for. They are however made for the 'wall hanger' market. They do mostly shoot caps but are sold as non firing. The zinc parts don't tend to wear very well leading them not to be massively reliable. Kolser only make Colt 45s but they do come in a number of finishes and barrel lengths. They also over extensive testing last a lot better and are a lot more reliable in the medium term. We'd always recommend you use "Edison Giocattoli MonteCarlo" shotgun caps which are louder and more reliable than other makes.

PFCs are more expensive but come in a good range and are much more reliable than any of the cap guns. They are generally also louder and give more smoke and flame than a cap gun. PFCs tend to be used in films as they look like the real deal.

Whether you are going for a Denix or a Kolser (go for the Kolser) then the best place to get them in the UK is from Battleorders. Kolsers are all denoted with the serial number starting "47-" and usually photo'd with the presentation box. Denix are all denoted with the serial number starting with 'g'. If you aren't in a hurry then Battleorders often sell 'seconds' of the Kolsers for 1/2 the price. Defects range from slight marks in the finish to no discernible difference from the non-seconds.

MG Props
MG Props have a good range of Western guns both new and secondhand and Jay is very responsive.

PlugFireCapGuns UK
John at PFCG will also be able to sort you out with a good range of Western guns. He tends to deal more with secondhand guns but does also stock some new models.

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