Welcome to (The Good The Bad And The Dead)

'The Good The Bad and The Dead' is the second game from the Drunken Monkey Live Roleplay Collective, set in a re-imagined Wild West.

The year is 1854 and the new world of the Americas is slowly being tamed. America in which the game is set is a place both familiar and very different. Much like the traditional wild west the gun is king and the gunfighter a legend, Indian tribes still live free beyond the frontier and a man or woman can carve out a reputation and a fortune from the dusty trails.

As a Regulator, you are a gun for hire making a living on the new frontier. Play as a gunslinger or prospector, doctor or preacher your character could be called upon to deal with local bandito attacks to finding a lost Spanish gold shipment.

The game is open to players over the age of 18. We run events for around 15-25 players with a strong persistent character driven story focus. You will find guidlines for character creation as well as the system rules under the rules tab. The game will contain adult themes and strong language. Players of a nervous disposition should not attend.

The game is event based with a typical event taking place over the course of a weekend. (Friday evening to Sunday) The events are plot driven with every effort made to ensure that each event will be a new and exciting experience.

Next Event

Next event will be held at Deadwood town on June 14th-16th 2019. The price is £65 to play (£45 for your first event) or free to crew.
Further dates are on our events page
Keep checking back for more information or keep an eye on our facebook group.

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